You can test for a leaking shower liner yourself! Here's how:

1. Remove the existing shower drain cover. Usually they are fastened with 2 Phillips screws. Remember, lefty loosely (turn left, counter clockwise)

2. Stuff a large plastic garbage bag into the drain pipe. You will remove this later, so leave a piece sticking up to easily grab.

3. Fill the shower with water to within an inch of the curb top and mark with a pencil the water line.

4. Wait 30 minutes and if the water level went down, your liner is leaking. The pressure of the water will force the water out and if the water isn't going down the drain, it's finding it's way out where the liner is damaged. Usually surrounding areas will become wet. Many times this will create a stream of water.

5. Remove the plastic bag and replace the shower drain cover.

6. Call TBR for a FREE ESTIMATE!